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2nd March 2013


What Is Animation?

‘Animation: The discipline of representing movement, often broken into specialisms of mechanical effects and character animation’ – (CHONG, A. (2008). Digital animation. Lausanne, Switzerland, AVA Academia. Page 161).

‘Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images to create an illusion of movement.’ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animation date accessed: 02/03/2013).

Animation in my opinion is the best form of media and entertainment because animators have the ability to create anything they want. Being an animator is like being a magician, they have the ability to create anything they want and wow the audiences.

Animation is constantly going through change with the upgraded technology of this evolving world. However even though animation is forever changing, old techniques like the flip book and zoetrope are still practised.

Anyone can easily create a animation with anything, as long as they have an imagination anything is possible and nothing is impossible.

‘An absolute definition of animation is not as straightforward as some texts may portray. On a practical basis, whether you work with pencils, clay, or pixels, the creation of movement is a form of magic – the techniques of which have been developed by the pioneers of film and are in a constant process of evolution and refinement by subsequent generations of animators.’ – (CHONG, A. (2008). Digital animation. Lausanne, Switzerland, AVA Academia. Page 8.)

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